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George W. West

George West was a land venture and ranching enterprise of George Washington West and Kittie West. Originally from San Antonio, West began to build his town in 1913, after ranching from 1880 to 1912 in the area between Pleasanton and Corpus Christi. He sold his cattle holdings and began to colonize some 75,000 acres (300 km2). His total land holdings were in excess of 120,000 acres (485 km2).


Approximately 25 years ago I started the hobby of Genealogy. Since then I have accumulated an assortment of official documents, church records and photographs. This website displays the data collection along with the supporting evidence.

My maternal side concentrates on the surnames HARMS, EGGERT, ROSEN and GÜHLSDORF. On the paternal side the emphasis is on the surnames GAUL (my birthfather), COOK (my stepfather), LEAKE and GROßKLAUS. The Harms and Gühlsdorf families are concentrated in the area around Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany and my mother and I were first generation immigrants from Germany. Many thanks to John Cook (researching the Cook family) and Carol Ann Gordon (researching the Leake side) for allowing me to add their data to this site. Thanks also go out to my cousin, Antje Harms for her contributions to the Harms and Schöne branches of our family tree.

Lydia's ancestors are concentrated in the small towns surrounding Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. On her paternal side my emphasis was on the surnames GARZA, MORALES and TREVINO, while on the maternal side we researched the surnames GARZA, GONZALEZ and RAMOS. Lydia and her parents immigrated from Mexico in 1946.

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Otto Roland Cook

Chef Otto Roland Cook with his \"Sunday Buffet\" at the Nassau Bay Hotel in Clear Lake (NASA), near Houston, TX in the early 1960s. After a career of over 20 years in the US Army, Otto was the Executive Chef at Del Webb's Kings Inn, the Nassau Bay Hotel and the Houston Yacht Club. He also managed his own fine dining restaurant, Otto's Watergate, at the Watergate Marina in Kemah, Texas.